why b2b is to be necessary | Bano India E-Mart

why b2b is to be necessary | Bano India


Why b2b is to be necessary: If b2b is not to be so all industries are busted and wll be stop everything. B2B is the most important for all industries. All industries depend on eachother so that’s why b2b is to be necessary. Some may have the impression that B2B is about cold, hard facts. Dull. Boring. Not as exciting as B2C.

But these people care deeply about their jobs. They take their responsibilities seriously. As we have pointed out many times, our clients have helped save lives, prevent disease, build Olympic stadiums and explore outer space. We consider ourselves truly fortunate to work with them.

B2B products and services are sophisticated—they solve advanced challenges that power our everyday life. Marketers need to take these highly technical products and services and turn them into something compelling and easy to understand.

That’s hard to do that unless you have a thorough understanding of the technology or application. B2B agencies get all of this.

B2B Online Plateform: Bano India

Hence we see most B2B brands either attempting to gain share from an existing player or launching an upgraded version of available offerings. In this situation, it is critical to get a good understanding of the brand’s competitive context and evaluate its offering vis-a-vis existing players from a client perspective. In today’s global world, competition is no longer limited to a few local players. A plethora of companies — both Indian and global  is vying for the customers’ business. Moreover, most brands offer similar rational benefits as very few players are focused on creating an entirely new product category.  Once done, we recommend that the firm focus on one or two aspects of their offering that will help them stand out in the competitive context. Bnao India is b2b online palteform where we provide at one point  wholesalers, manufactures or buyers. Register yourself

why b2b is to be necessary


There are basically four four distribution chanels…. Direct, Re-sale, men-to-men but now a days we are doing online shopping its trending in the decade so why we could’nt wholesale shopping for your shops directly with manufactures.


Organizational intention to adopt big data in the B2B context: An integrated view

Using survey data collected from Chinese companies, eight factors in three categories are tested utilizing a structural equation modeling (SEM) and Fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA). The empirical results show that the factors relative advantage, technological competence, technology resources, support from top management, competitive pressure, and the regulatory environment all have a significant impact on the organizational adoption of big data. Grounded in the diffusion of innovation theory (DOI), institutional theory, configuration theory, and technology-organization-environment (TOE) framework, the study proposes a model incorporating factors in technological, organizational and environmental contexts that may influence an organization’s decision to adopt big data strategies. These findings contribute to the development of a better understanding of precisely how the big data diffusion process across industries functions in B2B practice. so that’s why  b2b is to be necessary.

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