What is B2B? And its type

what is B2B... and its types

What is B2B? And its type

B2B is stands for Business to Business and all type of business comes under B2B. who sell products and services to other business instead of to consumers. This can include everything from invoicing software to physical goods to digital goods to security services for office buildings.   


Different type of B2B businesses…..

  • Product-Based B2B Businesses
  • Service-Based B2B Businesses
  • Software-Based B2B Businesses


What is a B2B Marketplace?

One seller engages in digital commerce with multiple buyers. A B2B marketplace brings together multiple buyers and sellers on a single website. The marketplace operator may sell their own product and services is addition to serving as the marketplace operator, simply running the marketplace.

Sourcing, procurement, and vendor management (SPVM) professionals love the versatility of marketplace. Buyers can fulfill   a variety of their purchasing needs with a single onboarding process and maintain a central digital record of purchases and quates. Operator and sellers are drawn to B2B marketplace solutions for their ability to generate revenue by reaching audiences they might otherwise miss.


B2B Marketplaces Same as Bano India!!

  • Udaan
  • Munaffa
  • Alibaba

Bano India:

Bano India” is a Business-to-Business (B2B) ecommerce platform, designed to solve core trade problems for small, medium and Blarge businesses across India. It is the largest such national distribution platform of its kind enabling retailers and businesses to source merchandise from manufacturers, brands, white labels, importers etc. on a single platform. Bano India brings to users the power of technology to grow their business.  what is B2B... and its type


“Bano India E-mart Private Limited” India’s Largest online B2b Platform. BANO INDIA is a B2B trade platform that brings manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers into a single platform. B2B is not something new, a lot of companies are already doing this work in India. Rana Ajay Singh, the backbone of Bano India, he and his team spent a lot of time creating the Bano India Company. Their aim is to connect whole of India so that no shopkeeper will have to leave his work and go somewhere. They can get what they want from the Bano India app while sitting at their shop, which will save both their time and money. Bano India works in all over India and supplies all types of items such as home furnishing, home & kitchen, computer & mobile, gift & toys, Clothing, Home Appliances, Sport n Fitness etc.. The platform is about making business easy in India, about making B2B commerce convenient and efficient.


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